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September 30, 2008

It's Still 'Your Voice. Your Vote.' - Learn All You Can About the Candidates

We're grateful to the more than 25 candidates who spoke at Your Voice. Your Vote. on September 21. And since there are several weeks until the election, we're linking the candidates to their campaign websites so you can learn more about them.

We know you're fired up about who you're choosing to vote for president and probably also excited about the gubernatorial race. Now do yourself--and your future--a favor and learn about your choices for county commissioner, state representative, district court judge, etc., so you'll truly be making informed decisions on November 4.

This is not a list of all state and local candidates, but is a list of the candidates who participated in Your Voice. Your Vote.

Pat McCrory – Candidate, N.C. Governor (R)
Bev Purdue – Candidate, N.C. Governor (D)
Kay Hagan – Candidate, U.S. Senate (D)
Beverly Earle – Candidate, N.C. House of Representatives (D)
– Candidate, N.C. State Senate (D)
Vince Coscia – Candidate, N.C. State Senate (R)
– Candidate, N.C. State Senate (D)
James Soder – Candidate, N.C. State Senate (R)
Mary Fant Donnan - Candidate, N.C. Labor Commissioner

David Granberry – Candidate, Register of Deeds (D)
– Candidate, Mecklenburg County Commission (D)
Vilma Leake - Candidate, Mecklenburg County Commission (D)
– Candidate, Mecklenburg County Commission (D)
Dan Ramirez – Candidate, Mecklenburg County Commission (R)
Jennifer Roberts – Candidate, Mecklenburg Co. Commission (D)
Susan Walker – Candidate, Mecklenburg County Commission (R)

Judicial (Non-Partisan)
Suzanne Reynolds – Candidate, N.C. Supreme Court
John Arrowood – Candidate, N.C. Court of Appeals
– Candidate, N.C. Court of Appeals
Sam Ervin – Candidate, N.C. Court of Appeals
– Candidate, District Court Judge
– Candidate, District Court Judge
Gary Henderson – Candidate, District Court Judge
Donnie Hoover – Candidate, District Court Judge
– Candidate, District Court Judge
Todd Owens – Candidate, District Court Judge

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